Mind the gap…


Worked this drawing up from a quick sketch I did on the Northern Line, between Kennington and Goodge Street.

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  1. hey there! i have started a new blog to showcase portraits that people draw on the train or subway. trainfaces.wordpress.com/ i was wondering if i could feature your work with a link to your website / flickr stream / twitter or whatever you want?

  2. thanks very much 🙂 would you like me to link to this blog or would you prefer a link to another site, twitter account, etc?
    thanks again,

  3. thanks martin. just one more question – do you have a second name that you would like me to use or would you just like ‘martin’ / ‘martin’s doodles’?!
    thank you again,

  4. thank you! 🙂 your work is now on the blog. feel free to share http://www.trainfaces.com with other people, follow the blog and of course, let me know if you create any new commuter portraits 🙂 we also have a new facebook page (the ‘like’ button is to the right on the blog)

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