Sketchbook Project 2012


It’s been a while. December and January just seem to have raced through with a mixture of deadlines, holidays and things to get done. I started doing some printmaking at the start of the month. Not done much before but its good fun, I’ll hopefully be posting some soon when I get to grips with it.

Anyway, Back in the summer I signed up with the Art House Co-op for the Sketchbook Project 2012, got my sketchbook in the post, and yep forgot all about it. Got an email from the a week or so back to remind me that I had until the end of the month to get the finished sketchbook back in the post to them. So what was already a hectic couple of weeks suddenly got even busier! I’ve managed to do all the drawings, so just the weekend to add a bit of colour finish them off and get it in the post by Tuesday! Here’s the first two, I’ll hopefully post the rest as they get done.

Acrylic and ink in Moleskine

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