Summers gone


Was great to see the sun out at the weekend. Managed to make the most of it, dodged the few showers, went down to Canada Water Library to see my sketchbook thats part of The Sketchbook Project 2012 tour. Some great work there, it was good to look through so many sketchbooks. Stopped off for lunch in Borough Market. It was busy, it wasn’t warm but the sun seems to get everyone out.


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  1. Oooh! I heard about that, last year already when I was too late to take part. Are you taking part in 2013? I was indecisive ass it felt very much like an American project and I’d not come across excitement over it here. I I’m too late now for the next round isn’t it? It’s great you were part of itWere there lots of sketch books from the UK?

    • Yes, signed up for the 2013 project, I think there’s a couple of weeks left to sign up for it. A pity that next years is only going to tour America, but you can view all the sketchbooks online.
      It was just the European and Australian entries that came over so quite a few sketchbooks from the UK.

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