From under a pile of books…


Elephants head

Instead of relaxing and enjoying the sun like a sane person, I somehow managed to spend the hottest weekend of the year doing a load of DIY type stuff. I didn’t get around to doing any drawing, but I did paint a few walls. Also found a sketchbook that I’d started earlier in the year, did a few drawings in, put it somewhere, forgot about it and moved on to the next sketchbook. Here’s one I finished off last night with some masking fluid and some ink.


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  1. Nice! Love this ink work you’re doing at the moment!
    I have to agree that you are a bit insane. I can barely move in this heat lol. Yuck. But I’m not complaining, not after the 6-month long winter we dragged ourselves through. Going to make the most of any sun that appears!

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