Cafe des Beax Arts


Cafe des Beax Arts

It’s been a while since I last went to Paris and seeing as it’s only a cuople of hours by train from London, it was time for another visit. So had a long weekend of walking and looked at a lot of art. The Pompidou Centre and the Musée d’Orsay were the highlights but missed the Louvre. It was shut by the time we got there, didn’t mind missing that one. Crossed over onto the left bank to find somewhere to have a drink and the Cafe des Beax Arts had the Mona Lisa framed behind the bar and no crowds taking pictures of it. So relaxed with a glass of red and did a bit of drawing.


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  1. Great sketches! Sounds like a lovely break. I’ve been wondering about whether I could take a Eurostar trip myself since I can’t fly anymore, but am pretty much grounded at the moment.
    I saw the Mona Lisa once, glimpsed her in an almost backward glance in the Louvre. It left no impression at all except for the French museum staff almost manhandling people to keep them filing past. Much prefer soaking in the atmosphere from your sketches of the relaxed Café.

    • Yes, also have a similar experience of seeing the Mona Lisa and not being impressed. Eurostar might be a good option, it opens up all of Europe if you can’t fly. Just found out that London to Berlin is 50 Euros by train, very tempted to try that.

      • Wow really! I’d love to do a train journey to Berlin. Trains are more interesting to travel by than planes I find, when you have the time. Will have to think about whether I can fit this in. Bit tied down at the moment, by the time I’m done with current to-do list, might be looking to do it as a baby’s first outing at this rate… quickly running out of time!
        Would love to see you ‘colour in’ Berlin if you get the chance! I’ve been once 10 years ago. Kept meaning to go back but never did. A lot of it would have changed beyond recognition by now!

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