A2 charcoal drawing taken from some of the sketching I did in London Zoo a few weeks back. I think it’s a type of stork, I forgot to make a note while I was there.


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  1. If it is a stork–and it looks like it could be–it’s a rather creepy species. This one looks like he could use a sickle and wide-brim hat. He has a certain grim, reaper vibe about him. That character you meet on the road and don’t want to greet lest he cut you quick.

      • That’s cool! I’d have loved that. I don’t like people looking over my shoulder. But, the birds I am drawing? That’d be something. I have come close to ducks and seagulls in the wild. But, that’s about it.

        I keep chasing this elusive blue heron that visits my area in the summer, but it never lets me get a good photo. There’s no way it would sit and let me draw it.

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