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Summertime rolls


summertime rolls

Not quite, but again something strange in the sky this weekend, it’s been a while. Good to see the sun out again, there’s been too much greyness and rain so far this year.


Sun hits the sky



After a fair bit of rain on Saturday, it was good to see the sun out on Sunday. Went for a long walk in the sun and finished with some food and a quick drink. I’m hoping spring has finally started.



I’ve totally become addicted to using the painting apps on my ipod touch.
Did this one over a couple of hours yesterday evening using the ArtStudio app, really powerful drawing tool and only 59p from the app store! Only downside is the ipod screen area is just so small, it takes a lot of mega zooming to work comfortably on. Really envious of the screen size of the ipad.

Happy New Year


It’s been a while since I’ve managed to post anything.  December got so hectic, there wasn’t any time to get any drawing in. Got a new ipod touch this year, thank you Santa:) So spent most of Christmas playing Angry Birds and drawing with the ArtStudio app. It’s a long time since I’ve done any finger painting, great fun but takes a bit of getting used to. Here’s a few I did over the holiday, mostly copied from magazines, I’m aiming to do one a day, not sure how long I’ll manage to keep that up for, but I’ll post a few here if they’re any good. Now to resume normal service, I need to find out if I can still remember how to draw with a pencil.