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Life drawing



haven’t been posting mush lately, everythings getting a bit busy, but i have been getting to my life drawing sessions. Here’s 2 drawings from last night.


Going to the gym


Spent a couple of hours at life drawing last night, I always start with good intentions to go every week and I never do. Looking back through my sketchbook realised it’s almost a year since I last went, I think life drawing must be my version of not going to the gym.



Drinking and drawing



It’s been a long time since I’ve got to a life drawing session. But managed the first of the year yesterday evening. It was in a room above a pub, first time I’ve ever had a pint while drawing. Too busy drawing to do much drinking,  it must be the first time I’ve managed to make a pint last 3 hours. Here’s a couple of sketches done with a Muji gel pen.

last nights life drawing


Couple of pages from last nights life drawing.

Strange one yesterday. Had an email from Amazon Local Deals, offering half price life drawing classes on a Wednesday evening in Camden. Not sure how they know that I go to a life drawing classes in Camden on a Wednesday evening. But might have to take them up on that, it’s cheaper and it’s in a pub so the money saved can be used for a beer or two. Not tried drinking and drawing before, could be interesting.

Last nights life drawing


Had visitors at the weekend so everything got tidied away, was late leaving for work yesterday and of course everything is in the wrong place, only had time to grab my sketchbook so only had a gel pen to use at life drawing last night. Quite pleased with the results. Might have to relegate the pencils and work in ink a bit more.