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Brush pen



camden brushpen

Summer’s here but I seem to have reverted to working on black and white. Bought a brush pen a while back and not really used one much before, really like the way pressure completely changes the line, just like a brush, who’d have thought! Time to visit an art shop and see what other colours they do.


Winter blues


st pauls

Not sure if this blog is suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but there’s been a bit of a lack of colour on here lately. Did this one at the end of last year, its A3 so too large for my A4 scanner, put it to one side and it ended up under a pile of other stuff.¬†Found it at the weekend while sorting through some half-finished bits and as the sun came out yesterday managed to get it photographed. Also dug out a load of paints which haven’t been used for a while. More colour coming up.