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East bound and up


Tube_27_10_13 small

Went to visit William Hogarth’s house in Chiswick at the weekend. It’s very small and there’s not a lot of his work there, but an interesting visit.
Did this drawing on the long trip back along the Piccadilly line.



Station to Station


Tube tales

It’s been a while since I’ve done any drawing on the Tube also been a while since I’ve used a pencil. Had to go somewhere yesterday afternoon and found myself in an almost empty carriage, one guy engrossed with his phone the other reading the paper. Dug out a hb and my Moleskine and managed two drwaings before they got off.
Northern Line between Oval and Liecester Square



It’s not that often I get out at lunchtime, it’s usually a quick sandwhich at my desk and back to the grinf,¬† but thanks to a malfunctioning computer I managed to get out for half hour today while the IT people fixed my email. Sun was out so wandered down to vauxhall with some pens and a sketchbook.

Staedtler Pigment Liner in Moleskine



Finally managed to get away from my desk and get a bit of a holiday. We went down to Tenby in Wales, which was great, really relaxed and a million miles from London. Didn’t get a lot of drawing done but here’s a few I managed.

Back infront of my screen again, and all those deadlines seem to have been multiplying while I was away!